Series 1 Episode 4
Things aren't what they were Benefits Street (S1-Ep4) Channel 401:04

Things aren't what they were Benefits Street (S1-Ep4) Channel 4

Vital statistics
Air date 27 January 2014
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The fourth episode of series 1 of Benefits Street was perhaps its most hopeful. It depicted several residents' journeys to make something more out of their lives. Sherrell Dillion's story comes to light, allowing the audience to understand how she fell from a promising modelling career to working in a takeway — and how she plans to return to her former career path. White Dee's daughter is shown taking positive steps towards becoming a gym instructor when she gets some work experience. Ultimately, though, the episode returns to the series depressing norms by showing Fungi's hopes of meeting with his son dashed when his boy's adoptive parents cancel the date.

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