Series 1 of Benefits Street was comprised of five episodes broadcast on Channel 4 from 6 January 2014 through to 10 February. Additionally, two branded follow-up specials — Benefits Street: The Last Word and Benefits Street: The Debate — were broadcast on 17 February.

Outline Edit

The first series of Benefits Street involved residents of James Turner Street in Winson Green, Birmingham. Key figures to the series included White Dee, Black Dee and Fungi, amongst many others.

Episode list Edit

No. Title Air date
1 Series 1 Episode 1 6 January 2014
2 Series 1 Episode 2 13 January 2014
3 Series 1 Episode 3 20 January 2014
4 Series 1 Episode 4 27 January 2014
5 Series 1 Episode 5 10 February 2014

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