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Welcome to Benefits Street
This is a wikia about the Channel 4 documentary/reality show, Benefits Street. Like all wikis here at Wikia, it can be freely edited by anyone — including you. So while we're waiting for series 2, jump right in and help us create the most comprehensive encyclopaedia about Benefits Street!
Nothing says "Benefits Street" like a bit of controversy.
Benefits Street has stirred the British national debate on welfare reform. But it's also drawn some controversy from many of the documentary's subjects. Allegations have been made that the show didn't exactly capture the reality of life on James Turner Street. Here's an excerpt from an interview with Nikita Bell about her impressions of the show.
Nikita Bell - Benefits Street full01:53

Nikita Bell - Benefits Street full

Meet the neighbourhood.
One of the aphorisms White Dee kept flinging at the camera was the importance of knowing everyone in the neighbourhood. So let's take her up on that. We've highlight a few of the most memorable residents from series 1, below. If you don't find the resident you want, have no fear! They're probably in our database. Or, maybe, they're waiting for you to register an account and start writing!
ThumbWhiteDee ThumbBlackDee ThumbMark ThumbBecky ThumbCharlene
White Dee Black Dee Mark Becky Charlene
ThumbSmoggy ThumbNikita ThumbFungi ThumbSherrell ThumbDanny
Smoggy Nikita Fungi Sherrell Danny
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Finding a favourite.
There are a lot of interesting characters on Benefits Street. Some vile, some inspiring and some who are just, plain odd. We'd like to know you think is the most interesting person from series 1.
Who's most interesting to you?

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Know your way around.

To the uninitiated, the places of Benefits Street can prove confusing. But there are a few key places that you need to keep in mind when watching series 1:

  • Birmingham is just a little bit north of London and Britain's second city. It's known for having a widely multicultural society — one of the points of friction depicted in the show.
  • B18 is the postcode for the area in which the show is filmed. That's why the widely-visible street signs all have a red "18" affixed to them — and also why you'll see that 18 all over this page.
  • James Turner Street is the titular Benefits Street.
  • Winson Green is the specific part of James Turner Street on which the show was centred during series 1.

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